I love to watch and shoot panoramas because they give a much bigger and detailed view of a landscape. The downside of the bigger dimensions is that many websites (like 500px, youpic, instagram, facebook etc.) scale down the images which prevents you from seeing these details. So after uploading a panorama I am often disappointed because it does not work and you can not see what I see on my computer screen.

But those times are gone ... from now on you can see my panoramas in full-size. Below the photo above this article there is a link to the photo Panorama - Rondven or to the Panorama Theme with more panoramas. To see the photo in full-size you can expand the photo by clicking on the arrows in the right top corner and then moving the mouse to the left or right. If you are browsing this website on a tablet you can swipe to the left or right.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through my panoramas :)

After several weeks of hard work I am glad to announce that my new website is online :).

I was not happy anymore with the standard portfolio website offered by and decided to create my own website. Besides the regular information about photos, categories and tags I also wanted to give some background information about the national park, nature reserve and/or city where I shot the photos. This is just a start and the information will be updated in the next months and of course with every new photo I upload here.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions you can use the form on the contact page where you can also subscribe to my mailinglist. I will inform you about new blog items and series. If you want to stay up-to-date with new photos then I would suggest you follow me on facebook, instagram, 500px or youpic. I dont want to spam your mailbox every single day!

Have fun browsing the photos on my new website :)