My photo Autumn Stroll is one of the finalist in the Emerging Talent Awards Photo Contest at the photo website

Autumn Stroll on a beautiful sunny autumn morning at estate Landgoed Geijsteren (Geijsteren, Noord-Limburg, Netherlands).

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Last saturday the winners of the photo contest Light organized by the Limburg Landscape Foundation were invited to a workshop in and around the farm Stockxhof at estate Landgoed Exaten in Horn (Leudal). After the introduction with a cup of coffee and delicious piece of cake we discussed one photo of each participant. Then it was time to explore and photograph the beautiful nature around the farm. After lunch we discussed the photographs taken that afternoon.

It was a fun and informative day in a beautiful nature reserve managed by the Limburg landscape Fundation. Despite the not ideal time (mid-day) for taking pictures, Estate Exaten offers many opportunities and Ill definitely go back there soon in the early or late hours.

Estate Langoed Exaten is located east of the villages Baexem and Grathem in the municipality of Leudal and borders the valley Haelense Beekdal. Characteristic for this estate are the pine and oak forests, the tree lanes, meadows and farmland partially bordering the brook Haelense beek. On the estate are also two notable farms: Stockxhof and Exatenhof.

... Peter van der Schans! I want to congratulate the winners (1) Peter van der Schans, (2) Huub Keulers and (3) Jack Poels with the prizes and of course the beautiful photos.

My photo made it to the top 12 of the contest organized by the foundation Limburgs Landschapí with theme LIGHT. I want to thank everyone for voting and hope you will support me again in 2016. But first I have to do my best to get to the finals again :).

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My photo made it to the final 12 in the contest organized by the foundation Limburgs Landschap with theme LIGHT :). You can vote now at . You need to confirm your vote afterwards via e-mail (hint: check spam box).

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