Door het oog van.... (Through the eyes of ....) is the photo exhibition in the Kasteeltuinen (castle gardens) in Arcen (Netherlands). You can see the exhibition until june 26 on the Gelre-floor in Castle Arcen which consists of three exhibitions:

1) Panorama Limburg ... great panoramic photographs taken by Jacques Peeters who captures the nature reserves of the foundation Limburgs Landschap for many years.

2) The neighbor of Castle Arcen ... photographs taken by Gerard Evenhuis who is besides a land agent of the foundation Limburgs Landschap also a neighbor of the Kasteeltuinen.

3) The winner is ... with the photos of the 36 winners of the photo contest "LIGHT" in 2015. My photo (right) made it to the final 12 in the photo contest. So if you plan to visit the Kasteeltuinen please also have a look at the photo exhibition :)

Source (dutch): [ http://www.limburgs-landschap.nl/persberichten/item/fototentoonstellingen ]
More information (dutch): [ http://www.kasteeltuinen.nl/nl/evenementen/exposities/evenement/5-3-voudige-fototentoonstelling ]