Partly cloudy and sunny ... the weather forecast around sunrise last saturday. When I woke up I noticed the weather changed and it looked like it was going to be a very misty sunrise (if the sun would peek through!). I already planned to go to Landgoed De Hamert and decided to stick to the plan.

After driving for 20 minute and then a 30 minute walk trough the still dark and misty forest I arrived at the fens and noticed the sun would probably not be visible at sunrise. It was just too foggy and cloudy. Luckily there are many paths leading into the forest and even without the sun it was a pleasant and beautiful morning. I had a lot of fun in the forest with shooting paths disappearing in the mist. I kinda love forest paths and mist :)

The photos above show the mood of a in the mist disappearing path in a beautiful forest. At the same spot I tried three other compositions by stepping to the right or left, walking forwards or back (zooming in and out). You can browse them all four. My favorite photo right now is the first one I shot there ... but that could change tomorrow.

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