As you can see at this website I love to visit a forest from time to time but the autumn week(end)s are my favorites! After the summer months it is waiting for the first leaves to change color. And then its up to me to visit the forest at the right time before all the leaves are on the ground.

After a disappointing visit to nature reserve Leudal last saturday (not that much color and big forest maintenance) I decided to stay closer to home and visit estate Landgoed Geijsteren the next morning (October 25, 2015). I put my alarm early (as every weekend) so I have time to shoot some autumn forest sceneries before the forest gets to crowded with people walking (their dogs), joggers or bikers. I looked out the window and again I got disappointed .... it was raining. But it is autumn and autumn doesnt wait, next weekend it could be too late.

I parked my car at the parking and put my raincoats on (one for me and one for my backpack) and walked into the still very quiet and dark forest. I am so pleased the rain did not stop me! There were still enough leaves on the trees which prevented me and the camera to get too wet. The mood was perfect for a drizzly-grey-autumn-morning.

Yesterday (november 1, 2015) I went back again. I parked my car - again I was the first - and this time the weather was perfect for a misty-autumn-sunrise-mood. I was hoping for this kind of autumn weather this year .... see you next year!

You can see the result of these two autumn mornings in my photo series Autumn Geijsteren 2015; you can find the link below (the photo).

[ www.williammevissen.nl/photography/series/autumn-geijsteren-2015/Photography-in-series-Autumn-Geijsteren-2015-by-William-Mevissen.html ]

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