04/30/2016 12:51

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Panorama of a beautiful piece of nature Het Quin showing 3 of the 5 (quintuplets) fens. Het Quin is situated in the north of National Park De Maasduinen in the forest Bergerbos in Afferden (Netherlands).

  • This is a handheld* panorama of 4 single shots. Expand photo and move mouse or swipe to left or right.

    * I was traveling extremely light with just my Canon 100D and 24mm pancake lens. I just wanted to explore the area for the next visit when I will arrive there in the early hours. This was shot around 1pm, normally too bright but then it got cloudy and the clouds filtered the bright sunlight.


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  • Camera : Canon EOS 100D
  • Lens : EF-S24mm f/2.8 STM
  • Settings : 24mm   •   f/11   •   1/400s   •   ISO 100

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