De Maasduinen

De Maasduinen

Nature Reserves in National Park 'De Maasduinen'


De Maasduinen National Park is situated in the northeast of Limburg, between the river Maas (in French Meuse) and the German border and has one of the Netherlands longest belt of Eolian or river dunes, formed by wind, water and the influence of man. It is a beautiful area of 4500 ha. with a characteristic wildlife and many rare plants. The National Park thanks its name to the dunes (in dutch: duinen) of the river Maas, also known as parabolic dunes because of their horseshoe shape. The National Park consists of different nature reserves which are managed by Limburgs Landschap Stichting, the municipality of Bergen, the Forestry Service and private individuals who all work closely together to keep this unique area in top condition.


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