As you can see at this website I love to visit a forest from time to time but the autumn week(end)s are my favorites! After the summer months it is waiting for the first leaves to change color. And then its up to me to visit the forest at the right time before all the leaves are on the ground.

After a disappointing visit to nature reserve Leudal last saturday (not that much color and big forest maintenance) I decided to stay closer to home and visit estate Landgoed Geijsteren ... read more

My photo made it to the final 12 in the contest organized by the foundation Limburgs Landschap with theme LIGHT :). You can vote now at . You need to confirm your vote afterwards via e-mail (hint: check spam box).

Information Photo Contest: The photo contest is a beautiful tradition organized each year by the foundation Limburgs Landschap together with printing company Drukkerij ... read more

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