Printshop: Werk aan de Muur
A selection of my photos is available as print at my Werk aan de Muur Printshop. If a photo is available you can find the link in the details section of the photo at this website. Click the photo-icon at the lower left corner of the photo to find the link in the left column. If you are interested in one of my photos which is not available at my printshop you can fill out the form at the corresponding photo page or at the contact page. I will add the photo ... read more

Door het oog van.... (Through the eyes of ....) is the photo exhibition in the Kasteeltuinen (castle gardens) in Arcen (Netherlands). You can see the exhibition until june 26 on the Gelre-floor in Castle Arcen which consists of three exhibitions:

1) Panorama Limburg ... great panoramic photographs taken by Jacques Peeters who captures the nature reserves of the foundation Limburgs Landschap for many years.

2) The neighbor of Castle Arcen ... photographs taken by ... read more

Last week I was approached at facebook by an employee of Maasland TV whether they could use some of my Maasduinen photos for their cable news. As you can see above I did agree. Residents of the municipality of Bergen can see my photos also on TV now :).

Maasland TV [ http://www.maaslandradio.nl/indexwp.php/algemeen/ ] is the regional cable news of the municipality of Bergen; the municipality in ... read more

I love to watch and shoot panoramas because they give a much bigger and detailed view of a landscape. The downside of the bigger dimensions is that many websites (like 500px, youpic, instagram, facebook etc.) scale down the images which prevents you from seeing these details. So after uploading a panorama I am often disappointed because it does not work and you can not see what I see on my computer screen.

But those times are gone ... from now on you can see my panoramas in ... read more

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