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Na mijn review van het fotoboek van Saal Digital Nederland kreeg ik de uitnodiging om ook de wanddecoratie van Saal Digital te beoordelen. Over het fotoboek ben ik nog steeds zeer tevreden en dit maakte mij ook benieuwd naar de wanddecoratie.

Saal Digital
Saal Digital is een Duits bedrijf en levert verschillende soorten wanddecoraties waaronder o.a. Alu-Dibond (standaard en butlerfinish), Hardschuimplaat, Acrylglas, Canvas, PictureBox en ... read more

August is the month of blooming heather. Before autumn changes the color palette in the forest, the heather will give the normally fairly colorless heathland a purple glow. The rolling landscape of National Park De Maasduinen combined with the purple heather, the light and shadows during sunrise make the nature reserves very beautiful and photogenic.

In August I also try to go out more to shoot in the early morning hours, just like in the fall. The purple glow is gone before ... read more

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Via Facebook en Instagram zag ik de uitnodiging Wil jij ons fotoboek testen van Saal Digital Nederland. Na het bekijken van de website heb ik meteen besloten mij aan te melden voor het testen van het fotoboek en het aansluitend schrijven van een review. Ik heb het fotoboek inmiddels in mijn bezit en hierbij dus mijn review ...

Saal Digital
Saal Digital is een Duits bedrijf en het fotoboek wordt - zoals op hun website wordt weergegeven - ... read more

Partly cloudy and sunny ... the weather forecast around sunrise last saturday. When I woke up I noticed the weather changed and it looked like it was going to be a very misty sunrise (if the sun would peek through!). I already planned to go to Landgoed De Hamert and decided to stick to the plan.

After driving for 20 minute and then a 30 minute walk trough the still dark and misty forest I arrived at the fens and noticed the sun would probably not be visible at sunrise. It was ... read more

I added an audio-recording to the photos made in the beautiful nature reserve Ravenvennen. In this forested area with many fens you will hear a wide variety of animals. The only sound that is missing is the buzzing sound of the mosquitoes which luckily stayed away for some time during this recording which I made at the exact spot where I shot the above panorama.

Put your mouse pointer over the music note or click the link Ravenvennen and locate the music note there just above ... read more

Panorama during a beautiful sunrise at nature reserve Boshuizerbergen (Venray, Netherlands). This is a panorama of 5 single shots and shows all the characteristics of nature reserve Boshuizerbergen: forest, shifting sand(dunes), juniper thickets, heather and then there is also the railway line between Venlo and Nijmegen.

This photo was recently sold at my Werk aan de Muur Printshop [ read more

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