I was contacted by Sleeklens if I wanted to test their landscape workflow (available for Photoshop and Lightroom) and in exchange write a small review about the workflow on my website.

Most of my post-processing is done in Lightroom only (even for HDR and panorama shots). I rarely use Photoshop so obviously I choose to test the Lightroom workflow for landscape photography which is called Through the Woods workflow. I already have many LR-presets from which I use just a few ... read more

On a sunny morning in october and november it is a good time to visit the forest for an early morning walk. Even on a cold day the warm tones and sun wont make you feel cold :)

For me autumn is fog and colors and at its best when the sun is trying to peak through the fog. From half october until early november you can find me in the forest. I try to go out as much and long as possible to enjoy the colorful trees ... before the show is over and all the leaves are on the ... read more

[ in dutch only ]

Je woont in Noord-Limburg?
Je wandelt of fietst graag in de natuur?
Of je bent gewoon op zoek naar een origineel cadeau voor Sinterklaas of Kerst?

Dan is er nu de mogelijkheid elke maand te genieten van een stukje natuur uit de regio Noord-Limburg met de Bureaukalender 2017

- Panorama formaat (afmetingen 30 x 10 cm)
- Mooi stevig papier voorzien van structuur (250g/m2).
- Elke maand ... read more

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