I was contacted by Sleeklens if I wanted to test their landscape workflow (available for Photoshop and Lightroom) and in exchange write a small review about the workflow on my website.

Most of my post-processing is done in Lightroom only (even for HDR and panorama shots). I rarely use Photoshop so obviously I choose to test the Lightroom workflow for landscape photography which is called Through the Woods workflow. I already have many LR-presets from which I use just a few (some for vignettes, b&w, darken sky etc.). The presets I currently use most are the one that I saved myself as default-starting-points for landscape, forest and autumn shots. After applying one of these presets I start to tweak around with all the settings and try to get the best out of the photo manually.

The zip file contains of 51 presets, 30 brushes and some pdfs which explain how to install and use the presets and brushes. There is also a recipes pdf with some before-and-after-photos with a list of all the used ingredients (presets and brushes).

The Through the Woods workflow consist of 12 all-in-one presets which change the complete image at once. The other more individual presets are used for changing the base (auto-tone, cinematic ..), exposure (brighten, darken ..), color correct (reduce green,blue ..), tone/tint (cool, warm ..), polish (clarity, contrast ..) and some vignettes.

I dont think the presets in the Through the Woods workflow will change my workflow because I am already used to my workflow where I choose my own presets and then do all the tweaking myself. Although I can imagine I could use the individual presets to get a faster preview of the photo before I start to tweak manually. Because I am so used to my current workflow I constantly have to remind myself to use the new presets ... the future will tell how they will influence my workflow.

Until now I did use brushes by applying them fast, then make changes to the setting until I was satisfied and then re-applying them exactly where I wanted the changes to be. Until now I did not use any default or saved brushes and think now ... why did I not at least save some brushes?.

The Through the Woods workflow consist of 30 brushes: basics (contrast, clarity ..), color (cooler, warmer, desaturate ..), effects (cloudy sky, water ..), haze (cyan, gold, neutral ..) and light (brighten, darken, intense ..). I really like these presets and they speed up the workflow. After choosing the right brush I now can apply it where I want and then tweak around with the setting until I am satisfied. I really like the default brushes and I am already getting used to them :)

Sleeklens - Through the Woods Workflow
I like the Through the Woods Workflow package of presets and brushes although I currently dont use the presets much but I am using the brushes. If you are a landscape photographer you cant go wrong with this Sleeklens workflow. Here you can find a video on how to work with the Through the Woods workflow [ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXjFjEe9Yc6jNA8GPm77IcQuNM3LbtYlH ]

Hereby I want to thank Sleeklens for the opportunity to test and review the Through the Woods Workflow package.

Sleeklens Lightroom Presets [ https://sleeklens.com/product/landscape-lightroom-presets/ | https://sleeklens.com/product/professional-photo-editing-service/ | https://sleeklens.com/product-category/lightroom-presets ]