The plan was to shoot a full moonrise over the bridge at lake Reindersmeer with at the same time a sunset behind me. The date and time (december 24, 2015 around 4pm) was already in my calendar for months: Full moonrise 99% @ Reindersmeer bridge 15 min before sunset

As you can read from the title and the first line ... it did not happen. Well, ofcourse it happened but due to the big grey clouds it was impossible to see even the tiniest bit of the moon. Luckily the sunset was still visible ... so I ended up with the photo above.

Actually on Christmas day there was a 2nd chance with a 100% full moon. The location of the moonrise would still be perfect with only a bigger gap between sunset and moonrise. But it was on Christmas day and in the end it was as grey and cloudy as the day before.

Btw. If you wonder how I knew this moonrise would be happening at this particular place and time? Well, there is an app for that: The Photographers Ephemeris. So I know already when I have a new chance ... although it will take almost a year. The Photographers Ephemeris (TPE) helps you plan outdoor photography shoots in natural light, particularly landscape and urban scenes. [ http://www.photoephemeris.com ]

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