On a sunny morning in october and november it is a good time to visit the forest for an early morning walk. Even on a cold day the warm tones and sun wont make you feel cold :)

For me autumn is fog and colors and at its best when the sun is trying to peak through the fog. From half october until early november you can find me in the forest. I try to go out as much and long as possible to enjoy the colorful trees ... before the show is over and all the leaves are on the ground.

I made 3 series that feature autumn:

1) Autumn & Fog Bergerheide
It was a beautiful and cold autumn morning at nature reserve Bergerheideon two mornings in late october and early november 2016.

2) Autumn Geijsteren 2016
Walk with me through the beautiful autumn forest at estate Landgoed Geijsteren on several mornings in late october and early november 2016.

3) Junction Willibrorduskapel
The six forest paths - in autumn tones - that lead to the chapel Willibrorduskapel in the forest of estate Landgoed Geijsteren.

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